Refund & Return Policy

【Before Release】

– Pre-Order 

We offer two payment methods for our pre-order products: 1) deposit + the rest and 2) full payment. Your order is ONLY refundable within three days after you make a purchase, as the money is paid to the studios, not us !! We don’t accept refunds after the studio confirms your order.

You can apply a deposit or full payment refund within three days after you pay. Beyond this time limit, you will not be getting your deposit refunded. However, if you choose the full payment method at the time you pay, you can get refunds on what’s left besides the deposit after 3 days of your purchase. The non-refundable deposit placed to secure your order will be used as the cancellation fee.

– In-stock

For statues in stock, a deposit was not required at checkout. Then, 20% of the total product price will be used as the cancellation fee before we send it out !! We don’t accept refunds after your product has been sent out !! (except for severe damages during transit)


【After Release】

Statues made of resins or polystones are very fragile in nature. Usually, factories seal and pack them using their original heavy-duty cartons. We send them out precisely the way they come into our warehouse. Although those statues are packed very well by the manufacturers, they still might have small broken parts, clean snaps, or scratches on the paint when they arrive. It is normal if your statue has slight blemishes, like clean snaps or scratches on the paint. We can’t guarantee perfection in every single piece. Please consider carefully before purchasing because we can’t offer returns, exchanges, refunds or compensation for MINOR issues !! We don’t accept the application of refund/return by human-made damage or human factors change.

– For pre-order statues, we can ensure after-sales service within 3-4 months after release. If your statue has slight damages, please contact us ASAP. We will report your situation to the studio, and after we get your replacement, we will send it to you for free. We don’t accept returns after customers receive them !!

– For some statues in stock, neither studios nor we can guarantee after-sales service because they might have been released for a long time. If your statue has slight damages, please contact us ASAP. We will try our best to seek replacements for you. However, if replacements are unavailable, you will take the risk alone. Please consider carefully before purchasing because we can’t offer returns, exchanges, refunds, or compensation for slight damages during transit !! If your statue has severe damage when you receive it, please gather proofs (photos and videos) and contact us within 48 hours!!  We will contact our shipping carrier and sort it out for you. We will refund you depending on the situation and grade of damage. 


Refund for package delay and loss:

  • Sea shipping: If the product does not arrive at your address for over five months, we will consider it lost and fully refund you.
  • Air Shipping:If the product does not arrive at your address for over two months, we will consider it lost and fully refund you.

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