Anime Resin Statue Customization

Animaniac Collectibles provides anime statue/figure customization services for special collection player groups. In the Chinese mainland, AC has its own character design artists, 3D modelling artists, and 3D printing partners, as well as professional factories with stable quality.

We can make customized services for anime statues according to customers’ needs, including the development and manufacture of products. The whole process AC can provide a one-stop service. In addition, AC also undertakes OEM services for anime resin products at home and abroad.

Here is the specific process for customization:

Concept Stage of Character Design

At the very beginning, you just need to provide us with a design draft. (Please provide three-view if possible). In general, the more detailed the picture is, the more efficient and accurate we will be. If there is no design draft to provide, even simpler, we only need an idea or concept from you, and the rest to the designers in our team, who will complete the product design according to your concept, and then send the design to you for confirmation.

  • About the concept design cycle, generally speaking, it is about one month after communicating and understanding the customer’s ideas

The pictures demonstrated are some design drafts (for reference only, some are not from us).

3D Modeling Stage

 We will 3D model the design confirmed by the customer. The adjustment and optimization during the modelling are regular, and the two parties usually communicate by email. Please note that we do not accept major adjustments to the characters and scenes at this stage. In such cases, additional designs and modifications will be paid.

  • As for the modelling design cycle, generally 2-3 months after the customer confirms the concept design. (In consideration of communication and negotiation at this stage, and the difficulty of each design is different, the time is for reference only).

The pictures demonstrated are some modelling design drafts (for reference only, some are not from us).


Sample production stage

After the completion of 3D modelling, we will email our customer for confirmation (confirm that there is no more modification and adjustment), and then we will 3D-print the final design, and colour it in our factory. In the process of sample production, you can give us feedback at any time about colour modification and optimization. After everything is completed, we will send the final completion details to you for confirmation by email or ship the physical samples to you.

  • Please note that in order to save development costs and time, we usually use 3D-printed models to colour samples directly.
  • For the sample production cycle of a product, generally 1-1.5 months after confirming the modelling document.


Production Stage

After confirming the sample, we will provide a quotation for the production. Customers need to pay a 50% deposit. Our excellent QC team will control your product in every production process until they are delivered. Before delivery, you will receive our supplement email including detailed pictures of the bulk production.

  • As for the production cycle, generally 3-5 months after the customer confirms the sample (the manufacturing difficulty of each design is different, time is for reference only).

The pictures demonstrated are some bulk productions in AC factories.


About quotation:

  • After receiving the email of your design draft or your concept, we will provide the quotation for the development stage of the product, including the character design costs (if required), 3D modelling costs, 3D printing costs, and sample preparation costs. If you accept this development quotation, you will pay for the entire expenses of the development stage.
  • After sample preparation, we will provide a ladder quotation for mass production based on the number of your product requirements. Generally speaking, the number of such customization is at least 100 (if the number is relatively small, we can also produce, but the production cost will increase due to the quantity reduction). We will charge a 50% deposit before production and the other half when the product is delivered.
  • Please note that the above quotes do not include international shipping charges.


About Other Customization and OEM Services

  • If you have a product sample, we also provide OEM services, and our excellent manufacturing and QC team will control your product in every production process until they are delivered.
  • We also welcome private customization, whether providing ideas, design drawings, or modelling documents, you only need to pay the corresponding development and international shipping costs. Because it is specially customized, we will directly colour the 3D-printed model and deliver it to you. However, please note that the 3D printed model will be relatively light compared to the resin, and the surface will be more oily, but the overall performance effect is not much different after being coloured. If you want to use the resin material, please let us know and you will pay for the mould and material costs.


Any customization questions are welcome to email us at


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